Platteville Wisconsin

Platteville Wisc

Panoramic view from atop the World's Largest M

World's Larges M up Close

You haven't seen Platteville until you've seen it from atop the
World's largest M.

It is an experience worth going a few miles out of town for. You can see the M from many places in the city of Platteville including Mound View Park. It is just enough of a climb to seem like a workout but almost anyone can make the climb if you take your time. If you get winded just stop at the midway landing and enjoy the view. When you feel rested go on up to the top. Children love to climb and see the city from this unique perspective. If you live in Platteville and you haven't climbed the M what are you waiting for? If you are planning to visit our fair city set aside an hour to see this landmark that helps define our community. The M was built by students of the Mining college that was in Platteville and became UWP. Each year at UWP homecoming the M is lighted with firepots and can be seen for miles. Fireworks also draw the attention of anyone outside on that evening. We can see the M from our house and we love to watch the fireworks from our balcony.
Map to M
Fun Fact: Font size of the M is about 27,000 pixels.
World's Larges M

Step Plates Kids on Top of M Steps

Bug on Blocks by M

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Local attractions:

Historic Encampment - September
Hometowne Festival - July
Mound View Park
Nelson Dewey State Park
Platteville Community Theatre
Rollo Jamison Museum
Rountree Hall
Stone Cottage
The Worlds Largest "M" on Platte Mound
The Grotto
The Mining Museum
Wisconsin Heartland Festival
Wyalusing State Park Nature Center

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