Platteville Wisconsin

Platteville Wisc

Platteville Schools

University of Wisconsin, Platteville

1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818
(608) 342-1491

UW Platteville

Which School District are you in?
To find out which school district a particular home is in city government can pull the tax records or you can contact the open enrollment coordinator in the desired school district or the open enrollment consultant at the Department of Public Instruction. A school district directory can be found at  The open enrollment web site is located at   The Department's open enrollment consultants can be reached by phone at 888-245-2732 or by email to or

Loca Area School Websites
    . Potosi School District
    . Belmont School District
    . Cuba City School District
    . Benton School District
    . Southwestern School District
    . Lancaster School District
    . Iowa Grant School District

District CESA 3 School Report Cards
Platteville Schools
    . Platteville School District
    . Demographics
    . High School
    . Middle School
    . Westview   (2nd and 3d grade)
    . Neal Wilkins  (Kindergarten - 1st gade

Platteville Schools Report Cards


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