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Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Sight-Seeing, Cross-Country Skiing

Where are the open land plots where I can hunt?
Where are the rivers and lakes where I can fish?
Where can I go to Hike?
Where is Sight-Seeing available to me?
Where is it legal for me to Cross-Country Ski?

The state of Wisconsin has a Managed Forest Law that reduces the tax landowners pay in exchange for certain land use restrictions. Most of these lands are in valleys along rivers since they cannot be used easily as crop land. Some of these MFL lands are open to the public for hunting/Camping/Fishing/Hiking etc. as a stipulation of the contract between landowner and the state. But how do I find these open lands? The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a website with a list of open lands that are open to the public.

Open Lands Map

County Maps showing township lines.

The Platteville Library has a Plat Book available for Grant County. Go in the Elm Street door and turn right. Look in the shelf of reference materials.

Be sure you are on the right property before you hunt, hike, fish, sight see or cross-country ski.


ATV trail maps and more. Check out Lafayette county trail map for 47 miles of trails just outside Platteville.

ATV Registration and other state requirements.

Hunting, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing

Forest Land Open to the Public - Explanation

Forest Land Open to the Public - Map


Regulations, Registration, waterway maps, Boat Landings, Boat Laws, Safety

Navigation charts for boating

State Parks

Check out Pecatonica State Trail near Platteville

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